At Duvall Park, your safety and wellbeing are at the top of our priorities. Therefore, we have park rules in place to ensure our residents and visitors safety while on site. The full list of rules can be viewed below.

Only Park Homes (Mobile Homes) of proprietary manufacture which conform to the definitions contained in the Caravan Site and Control Development Act 1960, the Caravan Sites Act 1968 and the Mobile Homes Act 1975 and 1983, and comply with BS.3632, shall be allowed to be transferred to a new occupier.

Park Homes (Mobile Homes) must be kept in sound and clean condition and external decoration and colour must be maintained to the satisfaction of the Park Owners. All residents shall keep the walls and/or fences surrounding their respective homes in good condition. No external alteration of, or addition to, the Park Home (Mobile Home) or pitch is permitted without the prior approval of the Park Owners, if appropriate, the Local Authority.

The Occupier is responsible for the tidiness of their home and garden. In the event of the occupier failing to comply with this rule then the park owners may carry out such work as may be necessary to comply with this rule and be entitled to recover from the Occupier the cost of carrying such work. No litter shall be deposited on any public places or paths.

The Park Home shall be used by the occupier and members of his permanent household and bona fide guests only (only in any event for the occupation of such number of persons as shall not exceed the specified number of berths). In view of the limited parking facilities only two car space per resident is permitted on the Park. Any resident with more than two motor vehicles must make alternative arrangements for parking outside of the Park, or with the Park Owners. No caravans or trailers to be parked on the park.

Porches, storage sheds, fuel bunkers, or other structures are only to be permitted with the approval of the Park Owners and, where permitted, must be of a design, size and standard approved by the Park Owners and the Planning Authority.

Washing lines are to be reasonably screened from public view.

Pets are only allowed on the Park with the written consent of the Park Owners, and must be kept under proper control and not allowed to despoil the Park. All cats should be neutered.

The occupier is responsible for the conduct of visitors and of children in his/her custody. Children are prohibited from playing on roadways. A play area is provided for this purpose.

Guns, firearms or offensive weapons of any description, including air rifles, shall not be used on the Park and shall only be kept with a license from the Police Authority and with the written consent of the Park Owners.

Everyone using the Park must comply with the regulations of the Site Licence, Water Authority or any other statutory authority. Copy of the Site Licence is displayed on the main notice board.

Access is not permitted to vacant pitches. Building materials or other plants must be left undisturbed.

No commercial enterprise or business activities may take place on the Park and the Mobile Homes shall be used as a private residence.

Garden fires are not permitted. Either in home gardens on the Park or in the recreation fields.

From 17th Feb 2006 the park is to cater for the semi-retired, retired couples only. No Children, Dogs welcome, all cats to be neutered. Any assignment of the Written Statement under the Mobile Homes Act, 1983, or on-site sale of the Mobile Home is to be a person of a similar age group to other residents and in accordance with the procedure for transfer annexed hereto.

The Park Owners reserve the right to control the entry of heavy vehicles to the Park in order to minimise damage to the estate roads.

Where the occupier sells the mobile home the Park Owner shall be entitled to receive a commission on the sale not exceeding such rate as may be specified by an order made by the secretary of state. The maximum rate is presently fixed at 10% by the Mobile Homes (commissions) order 1983.


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